To Robbie… Love, Santa


I caught wind that there was going to be a wrap party at the North Pole last night. Ty was coming along. We followed the super secret directions and found Santa’s workshop in a large warehouse at the south end of Seattle. Upon entering, it was evident that the elves have already been hard at work for months. There were row and rows of shiny new bicycles, tables piled high with toys and books, bins full of candy (and toothbrushes), and racks of new coats. Many familiar smiling faces greeted us. We were there to do a small part in a Christmas wish granting mission that all began with one mis-delivered letter in 1976.

The fun and excitement began when we received the info page of “our” family: their names, ages and wishes. This year, we were assigned to 6-year-old Robbie, 12-year-old Kayla, and their parents. Ty eagerly claimed Robbie’s wish list and went right to work. It was great to see how much thought he put into the selection and wrapping of the presents and stocking stuffers: everything Spiderman and Hot Wheels, just like Robbie wanted. He taped a 4-pack of AAA batteries on the box for the remote controlled Hot Wheel car. He searched out red wrapping paper and blue ribbons so he could keep with the Spiderman theme for Robbie. He dug through a big box full of coats to find a blue one in Robbie’s size but was disappointed when he couldn’t find matching gloves.

At the end of the night, we loaded everything for Robbie, Kayla and their parents into 3 huge bags, tagged them, and lined them up against a long wall, where they’ll wait with hundreds of other bags. Santa will soon be delivering all of them to children who may have thought they were forgotten.

On the way home, Ty happily recounted the evening. I heard so much joy in his voice. Robbie will be on his mind on Christmas morning. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share this “wish granting” experience with my son. By giving a little time, we gained so much.

To Robbie, Kayla and parents: thank  you, and merry Christmas.

The Forgotten Children’s Fund


3 Responses to “To Robbie… Love, Santa”

  1. What a great story and experience for your family. It’s wonderful to read about these children who otherwise would not have much of a Christmas and to imagine how excited they will be the morning of. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That really very sweet.

  3. This is a wonderful piece of writing. I’m dying to know more about the letter from 1976 – maybe a different blog post? 🙂

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