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Social Media Club Seattle held its 2nd event on February 24, 2009, on Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA. Chris Heuer, founder of Social Media Club, came to speak on the topic of “Making a Business Case for Social Media. The event had sold out one week prior, and a waiting list was growing.  People were still contacting the org team for tickets just hours before the event began. By 6:30 p.m., Mt. Si Room in building 118 was packed. Microsoft was a very gracious sponsor and host, providing both the venue and catering. Marcus Schmidt and the Microsoft Windows team were instrumental in coordinating this event.

Many social media practitioners and software vendors were present, which added to the buzz in the room. What’s even more exciting is the large number of attendees new to the social media field. Two great examples are these Seattle-based companies that recently began utilizing Twitter: Alaska Airlines and King 5 News. They bring such great energy to the event because they’re so eager to learn and connect. Everyone I spoke to was thrilled to have found the Seattle chapter of Social Media Club. Several are pushing for their employers or organizations to engage in social media, and are doing it outside the scope of their current jobs. Finding others in similar situations is reassuring. Many shared with me their hesitance in getting involved in previous social media related networking opportunities because they thought they needed to already “speak the lingo.” Chris Heuer’s presentation was just right for them. The message I try to convey to everyone is that Social Media Club is not just a roundtable of experts. More specifically, I want them to know that SMC Seattle is striving to be *the* source for information, education and support in their social media endeavors. To borrow from Social Media Club’s slogan: we’re getting it, and we’re sharing it!

This event was truly a success. When the building closed, the crowd migrated to The Matador in Redmond for further networking. There is a real need for an organization like Social Media Club, and the people and businesses in and around Seattle are looking to us for more. The momentum is building and will surely carry us to our next event in March and beyond.

For more information on Social Media Club Seattle, see our blog, twitter stream and Facebook group page.

Photo credit: David Thorson, EpicFoto


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  1. 1 Lasitha Silva

    Connecting and sharing socially is good in all ways, Yes I agree. the social media Club should spread among all who need to connect.

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