Walk the puppy


This blog was born on December 1, 2008. This is the 12th post. Like several other posts, this one started with a nudge from one of my favorite bloggers, Brett Nordquist.


A great mentor and friend, Cheryl Nichols, says starting a blog is like getting a puppy. She makes a good point. Starting and maintaining a blog is a responsibility. It requires constant and consistent care and feeding. It demands that I research new things and acquire new skills.

Another one of my favorite people on Twitter, Todd Friesen, recently blogged about why he doesn’t blog too much and admitted he doesn’t have very good excuses. Sheepishly, I agree (about my not having good excuses, not Todd). That post got 22 comments, mostly from people who identify with the sentiments, so I know I’m not alone, but hey, don’t let me use *that* as an excuse.

In my Blackberry “memo pad,” there’s a running list of topics and notes waiting to be blogged, including several from a “blogging 101” meeting with Jeff Shuey. The truth is, I’ve abandoned several posts in the draft folder, because I took too long to finish writing about a perishable topic, or I think it’s been discussed too much already, or it ends up feeling too personal to publish. I’m also very critical of my own writing. There is enough crap content in this world, and I certainly don’t want to add to it.

Maybe I just need to relax. There’s been so much focus on the amount of work this “puppy” requires that I forgot to have fun with it. Maybe my blogging experience should be more like walking a puppy: Some running, some walking, often stopping to sniff out new experiences, and meeting new puppies and their bloggers. Maybe I could take more pictures along the way, too.

What makes blogging fun for you?


3 Responses to “Walk the puppy”

  1. Yes! Yes! Write more often! I love to hear the random thoughts and ramblings of others. I have abandoned the idea of writing on my blog for a profound purpose. I write for me. If I can amuse myself, then my audience of one is satisfied. Keep it coming, Shih Wei. We will follow you wherever it takes you!

  2. 2 Cheryl Nichols

    Shih Wei, thanks for the nod on the puppy analogy. It’s so true! I’ve used it many times to explain why I haven’t started my own blog and therein lies one of the reasons for my admiration of those who do. Whether you’ve got a Dalmation that needs plenty of exercise and room to run, or a gentle Great Dane that’s content to mosy, buying the puppy is a long-term endeavor that requires feeding, care and commitment. And you’ve got a keeper, Weiward Girl. 🙂

  3. I love your upbeat style of writing. I know it sounds selfish to want you write me but you have an interesting style that emits joy. Whatever it takes to get you to write more. 🙂

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