Poke, poke.


For the record, I’m anti-poking on Facebook. FB hugs, ignored. FB quizzes, hidden. FB farm animal tossing or drink passing, rejected. Basically, I’m just a party pooper on Facebook. No fun at all.

There’s one game I don’t hide if my FB friends play it, and that is Bejeweled. My very talented friend Joey Trimmer does great work for Popcap Games, the maker of Bejeweled. Also, I’m holding on to this crazy idea of a custom Bejeweled game for a jewelry retailer. More on that in another post. (Don’t you dare steal my idea!)

Ty got on Facebook early this summer, with my knowledge and support, of course. I suspect it took quite a while before I noticed his first “poke” to me, because I never pay attention to that part of the Facebook “home” page. I didn’t ignore it. In fact, I poked him back. A couple of days later, another poke from  him. Again, I poked back. Nothing fancy. No super pokes or bling gifts. Just a regular little FB poke. It has now become a quiet little ritual between us. During the school year, he sends me text messages when he gets home, just to check in. Now we poke each other on Facebook. No additional message needed. It’s a little signal between us. We don’t talk about it when we see each other. We just poke, back and forth. It tells us we’re in each other’s thoughts when we’re apart. These pokes don’t happen every day, but I look for them now. They make me smile.

Don’t get any ideas though. Unless you’re Hawkrider1, I’m not poking you back.


2 Responses to “Poke, poke.”

  1. 1 Sara

    ::runs of to Facebook with finger primed::

    Now, if only I could figure out how to actually poke anyone.

  2. 2 barbjacobucci

    I’m so with you. I ignore all farm animals and similar activity! Uhh… Noise. Noise. Noise. But…you and your son poking each other really made me smile. What a great way to reach out without having a mother-son PDA. From one mother with a teenage son to another….this rocks!

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