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A new home


I haven’t taken my blog seriously enough, even though I know better. Recently, I found myself in a few situations where I wish I had done more work on my digital presence, but that still didn’t motivate me to actually do something about it. Then one day, Smashing Magazine tweeted out one of my earlier posts (about Twitter […]

Walk the puppy


This blog was born on December 1, 2008. This is the 12th post. Like several other posts, this one started with a nudge from one of my favorite bloggers, Brett Nordquist. A great mentor and friend, Cheryl Nichols, says starting a blog is like getting a puppy. She makes a good point. Starting and maintaining […]



Ty got his 1st pair of eyeglasses today. He’s been anticipating its arrival for over a week. I suspect he really likes them. He had spent quite some time selecting _the_ frame after his eye exam 10 days ago. Instead of showering him with “mom’s opinion,” I suggested that he ask a young lady clerk […]

Happy Birthday


I had spent a lot of time thinking about this new adventure — trying to choose a name for it, imagining what it will look like, wondering if it will project or even amplify some of my idiosyncrasies. On the night of November 30, while making banana-chocolate-chip-walnut bread, I was watching the time. It was […]